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Conditions for stallions

Breeding conditions 2022

  • Sperm should preferably be ordered one day in advance.
  • Please submit a copy of the studbook paper, the life number of the mare and details of the mare owner (address, etc.) with the first mating/order.
  • Shipping costs and any NVWA certificates are charged to the mare owner per consignment.
  • All stud fees are exclusive of VAT, shipping costs and fees.
    After the first cover, the fixed costs account (€ 300 excl. VAT) follows.
  • Without gust notification/declaration, the stud bill will follow ± 7 weeks after the last insemination.
  • If your mare turns out not to be in foal afterwards, we will credit the second stud bill after receipt of a gust certificate (until 1 October 2022). Afterwards we are forced to charge the full stud fee.
  • Veterinary operations are at the expense of the mare owner and are invoiced directly to the mare owner by the vet.
  • The breeding season ends on August 15, 2022.

Frozen sperm

  • Unless otherwise agreed, frozen matings must be made at MJ Sporthorses in Prinsenbeek.


  • The fresh/frozen semen of our stallions may not be used for E.T. be used unless you have a signed agreement with our station.
  • With the first order, it must be stated whether the ordered semen will be used for embryo transfer.
  • If the embryo(s) are not successful, semen can be ordered again for the mare in question.
  • Stud fees are charged per successful embryo. This also applies to frozen embryos and if several embryos are flushed from an insemination.
  • Mare owner must provide Dutch Eventing Stables with an overview drawn up and signed by the vet or the ET center before October 1, 2022, showing the number of flushes and the number of successful embryos per mare.
  • If the transplantation of the embryo is not successful, this overview applies as a gust declaration (if stated).
    If more than the indicated number of foals are born as a result of E.T. with the used semen and the mare owner has failed to report this to Dutch Eventing Stables, a fine of € 5,000 will be imposed per foal not reported.


  • The fresh/frozen semen of our stallions may not be used for ICSI, unless you have a signed agreement with our station.
  • ICSI conditions can be requested via

By ordering and receiving the semen, the mare owner is deemed to have taken note of our breeding and payment conditions and agrees to these conditions.

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