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The national eventing foal inspection was won by Zinestar VW from Yvonne te Vaanholt and Raymond Wolthuis. The judges Kees van den Oetelaar and Marc van der Beken named the best colt the deserved general champion on Thursday evening in Putten.

Jury member Kees van den Oetelaar was enthusiastic about it: ‘What I thought of it? A nice inspection, well organised, a good initiative and beautiful foals! A nice fellow jury member also in the person of Marc van der Beken, I could immediately “Feel like he knows a horse well from the start. We started around 7 am and we finished just before dark.’

And about the inspection itself: ‘A nice set of good foals. Look, you can find something on every foal in an inspection, but I like to be positive. And so was the mood. We thought the champion was a very beautiful foal, chic, good movement too, a justified champion. We also had a beautiful foal in front of the fillies, she could have been in a bit more condition. And what was striking was that Moreno Grove had good foals, that stallion makes a good impression, they all look alike.’

Survival of the eventing sport

Marc van der Beken agreed: ‘It remains a very fine initiative, an added value in the total landscape of inspections and auctions. I myself am working in Belgium to get this off the ground and I absolutely support the initiative of René van der Leest. Let’s not forget: eventing is an Olympic discipline, which requires the necessary attention. It is actually very bizarre that eventing is the smallest brother. You can’t have an eventing sport without horses, the more athletic the horse, the better bred it is, the safer the sport is. I don’t think targeted breeding is an unimportant fact for the survival of the eventing sport.’

‘In Putten we saw that the larger group of colts with a comparable bloodline came out a bit better. The testosterone level of the colts will have an influence anyway. The colts formed a somewhat more homogeneous group, the mares had more variety. Another remark: Moreno Grove does indeed stamp strongly, five of the six go very much to the father. He passes on his type, his athletic ability, his elasticity, color, chic, good forward canter, where the shoulder freedom could be a little better. His foals do have a good driving hind leg, which is important in a stallion that is focused on eventing. I think preferably combined with a Holsteiner mare.”

Marc van der Beken was lyrical about the winning colt: ‘I’ve been around for many years, but this is approaching perfection. Sire Zinelord is very young, from the Guidam line, a KWPN bloodline that went to Hanover, and now a young stallion who breeds at VDL. With Stakkato and Calido behind it. Truly one of the best foals I have ever seen in all my life. Not as an eventing fanatic but more in general. Movement, interested but not anxious, we explained that to the public as well. Truly made for eventing, which we didn’t immediately think of the paper. If you go to an auction with such a foal… well, it is a top foal.’

‘The best filly showed good appearance, she could do better, but the movement and presentation were very good. In the competition with the colt, she finally had to give up. A complete filly, with beautiful legs, correct, very long, supple neck, a lot of flexibility, she betrayed speed, a foal with a beautiful presentation.’
Mare foals

  1. Sabrina (Love Connects x Albaran) – Ellen Huitema and Henk Cornello
  2. Salina Grove B (Moreno Grove x Saffier) – Family Boonzaaijer
  3. Kasanova’s Courage Dutch Es (Kasanova de la Pomme x Nabab de Reve) – Dutch Eventing Stables

Stallion foals

  1. Zinestar VW (Zinelord VDL x Stakkato) – Yvonne te Vaanholt and Raymond Wolthuis
  2. Lou Lou vh Buiten-land (Moreno Grove x Odermus R) – René van der Leest
  3. Twilight Dutch Es (Moreno Grove x Tygo) – Jan-Willem Pleijzier

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Champion mare foals
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