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Moreno Grove
Moreno Grove
Moreno Grove

Moreno Grove

Herald 3 x Coconut Grove XXHeraldik blood and an exceptional dam's line: blood, courage and character

Moreno Grove from the Übertje tribe is made for the eventing sport! This young stallion, already ‘approved’ by the AES, is blessed with a top character and has a lot to offer to grow into greatness.

Janneke Boonzaadjer trains Moreno Grove with great success: in 2021 she won the Dutch Eventing Young Horse Trials with the dark brown stallion and she stood out positively in the Blom Cup, the competition for show jumpers. In 2022, Moreno Grove will run the 5-year competition. He has already shown a lot of talent in the first practice courses, mainly due to the apparent ease with which he moves smartly and nimbly through the terrain and takes the obstacles for granted.

Amazone Janneke Boonzaadjer describes Moreno Grove as a very willing to work stallion with a super gallop, a good jump and a lot of courage. We actually see this in all Herald 3 offspring: courage, willingness to work and fantastic canter and jump ability. Moreno Grove is a very down-to-earth blood horse, very calm in his approach and sharp when necessary. In short, all the ingredients for a top eventer.

In 2021 a son of Moreno Grove already became general champion of the national foal inspection. Second place in the colts also went to a young Moreno Grove!

Sire of Moreno Grove is the 1m60 jumping Herald 3, one of the stallions carrying the important Heraldik blood. The Thoroughbred Heraldik jumped at 1m50 level himself and has produced a lot of good things in the jumping and eventing sport in the inheritance. We therefore expect that Moreno Grove can follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather when it comes to adding value in eventing breeding.

The maternal line may also be there. Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother all have a sport predicate and they jumped at 1m35 level or higher. This dam line has already produced many successful horses that compete at an international level. The approved stallion Investment IB also comes from this line. Diny Markhorst, breeder of Moreno Grove, has deliberately chosen Herald 3 to bring something good to the eventing sport. We certainly believe in that and we are very grateful to her for this beautiful breeding product. Looking for blood, courage and a top sport character? Then Moreno Grove is the right choice!


Year: 2017

Size: 1.68m

Colour: dark bay

Studbook: KWPN

Ggk: AES

70% thoroughbred


€ 850,-

All prices do not include insemination, vet charges, stabling and costs of shipping sperm.
On pregnancy: € 300,-


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Moreno Grove
Moreno Grove
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