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Nearly Perfect de la Brasserie

World Vigo d’Arsouilles X KaracondoOut of Olympic 5*-mare Gazelle de la Brasserie

Nearly Perfect de la Brasserie is a beautiful stallion with a formidable jumping technique, who was easily approved by the SBS and the NRPS as a show jumper. And that was noticed internationally, followed by sales to the United States. In the Netherlands it is available via frozen.

His departure to America is not surprising: he masters all three aspects of eventing and is a very level-headed, athletic stallion with many sporting qualities. Nearly passes on his athletic build to his offspring and gives a lot of size and down-to-earth characters. Also in jumping he can easily keep up with the best of his peers.

Nearly Perfect de la Brasserie is blessed with Olympic genes and shows in the sport that he has it from no stranger. Renske Kroezen already successfully released the 6-year-old Nearly in 2019 at 2* level eventing. They were 3rd at the Dutch Championships for 6-year-olds and they were also third in the CIC 2* in Emmeloord. Also in Arville at his 2* debut with the 6-year-old Nearly ran fantastic and became 8th.

Nearly Perfect’s offspring also show this: in 2021 a young Nearly Perfect scored very well in dressage, jumping and the cross. Also in 2022, four-year-old offspring of Nearly Perfect will start in the Dutch Eventing Young Horse Trials

His father Vigo d’Arsouilles hardly needs any explanation. After his sports career, the 2010 world champion has become a breeding phenomenon with many offspring in the world’s top. With two approved sons, who are also very successful in eventing and can compete with the absolute world top as a 7 and 8 year old, top quality is also here.

For the eventing talent of Nearly Perfect de la Brasserie, next to father Vigo d’Arsouilles, perhaps his mother Gazelle de la Brasserie is even more important. This Olympic mare has competed in all major tournaments with Karin Donckers and she has always competed in the top:

Olympic Games: 2008 Hong Kong 9th place, 2012 London 15th place
World Championships: 2006 Aachen 13th, 2010 Lexington 4th Place
European Championships: 2006 Pratoni del Vivaro, 2009 Fontainebleau 6th place
Top Matches: 2007 4* Kentucky 5th Place, 2009 4* Badminton 7th Place.


Year: 2013

Size: 1.67m

Colour: chestnut


Level: jumping 1.30m, eventing 2*

54% thoroughbred


€ 850,-

All prices do not include insemination, vet charges, stabling and costs of shipping sperm.
On pregnancy: € 300,-


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