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Nearly Perfect de la Brasserie

World Vigo d’Arsouilles X KaracondoOut of Olympic 5*-mare Gazelle de la Brasserie

Nearly Perfect de la Brasserie is a magnificent stallion with a formidable jumping technique. He was easily approved as a showjumper by the SBS. He masters all three elements in eventing and is a very down-to-earth, athletic stallion with many sporting qualities. Nearly passes on his athletic build and down-to-earth character to his descendants. In jumping, too, he has no trouble keeping up with the best of his peers.

His sire, Vigo d’Arsouilles, barely requires further explanation. The 2010 world champion followed his sporting career by becoming a phenomenon in the breeding with many descendants competing with the best in the world. With two approved sons, both very successful in eventing and able to compete as 6 and 7-year-olds with the very best in the world.

But as important as sire Vigo d’Arsouilles is for the eventing talent in Nearly Perfect de la Brasserie, dam Gazelle may be even more important. This Olympic mare has competed in all the big tournaments, ridden by Karin Donckers, and always at the highest level:

Olympic Games: 2008, Hong Kong – 9th place, 2012, London – 15th place
World Championships: 2006, Aken – 13th, 2010, Lexington – 4th place
European Championships: 2006, Pratoni del Vivaro, 2009, Fontainebleau – 6th place
Major competitions: 2007, 4* Kentucky – 5th place, 2009, 4* Badminton – 7th place

Nearly Perfect de la Brasserie is blessed with Olympic genes and demonstrates in the sport that it’s in the blood. In 2019, Renske Kroezen presented the 6-year-old Nearly at 2*-level, with great success. They came in 3rd at the National Championship for 6-year-olds and took 3rd in the CIC2* in Emmeloord too. Nearly also rode fantastically in Arville, at his 2*-début with the 6-year-olds, coming in 8th.


Year: 2013

Size: 1.67m

Colour: chestnut


Level: jumping 1.30m, eventing 2*

54% thoroughbred


€ 850,-

All prices do not include insemination, vet charges, stabling and costs of shipping sperm.
On pregnancy: € 300,-

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