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Ramiro B

Calvani x WendekreisHigh-class breeder for eventing

Even as a young horse, Ramiro B was always successful. As a 4-year-old, he won the Indoor Spring Championship in Ireland, he won it as a 5-year-old in 1999 and two years later, won it with the 6/7-year-olds. Not much later, he was competing at the very highest international level of 1.60m. Ramiro B has an excellent temperament and character, as do all his descendants, and they all love to work. Ramiro B is capable of improving the gaits and the type. Jumping convincingly comes naturally to his descendants.

As with so many warm-blood stallions, Ramiro B needs a warm-blood mare to produce the best eventing horses. However, given the quality of his descendants up till now, a half-blood mare could also produce wonderful descendants with a lot of talent for eventing.

Take, for example, Cooley Master Class, with Oliver Townend, the winner of the Kentucky Horse Trials and Burnham. Or Willingapark Cooley, with Oliver Townend, winning not only Boekelo, but also Burnham and Strzegom. Or famous eventing greats such as Ballynoe Castle, Noble Bestman or Cooley Monsoon.

In addition, Ramiro B has produced a great many good showjumpers, such as Ramiro Cruise with Edwina Tops-Alexander, Samgemjee ridden by Edward Doyle for Ireland in the Nations Cup and Heracross with Nick Skelton, Lauren Hough and Paris Sellon.


Year: 1994

Size: 1.68m

Colour: bay

Studbook: BWP

Level: 1.60m

Ggk: ISH

33% thoroughbred


€ 1300,-

Price does not include insemination, vet charges, stabling and costs of shipping sperm.
On pregnancy: € 300,-


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